BB Hopes Services

BB Hopes Services


"Too Old" to have a baby? 

Too many miscarriages?

IVF too expensive?

Improve IVF results?

Too few sperm?

Modernized to Be The Best

Precision Acupuncture - over 20 years of experience enables us to update our proprietary map of acupuncture points and meridian channels

Natural Herbal Supplements - Australian GMP Certified powder extracts are used instead of old fashioned herbs

BB Hopes Customizes Treatment Plans For:


  • Each patient is different so a customized plan of acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal supplements will help build a strong healthy foundation.

  • It works by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormones, and optimize the uterine environment for maximum success.

  • Even IVF and IUI results have been proven to improve with proper TCM acupuncture treatment.  
  • This approach treats the underlying physical and biological issues and has been successful for thousands of years for at-risk mothers such as women that are older, weak bodied, or have a history of previous miscarriages.
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Male Infertility

  • A customized plan will be developed to improve the quantity and quality of sperm, and restore hormonal balance.

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Preventing Miscarriages

  • Getting pregnant is only the first stage.  Even IVF pregnancies do not guarantee successful results. 

  • Research shows a surprisingly high percentage of pregnancies result in miscarriages. 

  • We have great success helping women with previous miscarriages conceive and give birth to healthy babies by maintain a strong healthy foundation to ensure safety for fetus and mom.

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Baby Lifetime of Health

  • During the last weeks before birth, the fetus produces waste products inside the womb.  These can interfere with proper development but can be improved with natural herbal teas so your baby will be set for a lifetime of good health and proper growth.

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After Birth

  • Your body goes through so much before and after giving birth.  Thousands of years of TCM knowledge have shown that if not cared for properly, physical and psychological issues will pop up in the future.

  • We will help you get back in shape and restore your health to properly balanced hormone and reproductive systems.

BB Hopes treatment details and fees


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