Successful Cases


40 Year Old Mom with History of Miscarriages

Michelle T, 40 years old, Sons born 6/2011 and 10/2012

I am grateful to Dr. Nikki Zhang for helping me reach my dream - TWICE. Being 40 years old, I was ready to give up after my last miscarriage, and my doctors telling me my genes, eggs, age were all bad.

She encouraged me to try one last time - with acupuncture, and herbal medicine to restore and set up my body. Within 3 months, I got pregnant and nervously waited, while I continued treatments with Dr. Nikki.

Thankfully, I gave birth to a healthy son without any issues. AND 7 months later, I got pregnant again and now have TWO lovely sons!

25 Year Old Man With Low Sperm Count

David M, 25 Years Old, Twins born 2018

My doctor told me that we had trouble conceiving because my sperm count was low and moved too slowly.  The treatments were expensive and did not work.

I had never been to a Chinese doctor before but my friend recommended I try so I thought I had nothing to lose anyway.  Dr. Nikki diagnoses me without me telling her my problems, and she set me up for acupuncture and they were not painful like I had suspected.

It took six months, but now my family has doubled in size and I am very thankful to my friend and Dr. Nikki.

Busy Professional Couple After Miscarriage

LL and ML, Daughter born June 2019

We had just suffered a miscarriage when my sister referred Dr. Nikki who helped her when she had a miscarriage.  She set up a treatment to fit our busy schedules and just a few months later, we were pregnant again.  

This time, we went back to her regularly to make sure everything was fine, and our beautiful daughter is now 4 months old, and we could not be happier!

30 Year Old Trying Since 2016 

Xin Yue Z, 30 years old, Pregnant 8/2019 

I have been married since 2016, and tried to get pregnant without success.  I was told that my job as a nail technician exposed me to many chemicals and they messed with my cycle and eggs.  Plus the stress of 12 hour, 6 days workweeks was getting to me.

I visited Dr Nikki in June 2019.  She used acupuncture, and mixed Chinese herbal medicine tea for me to drink.  After 2 months, we got the good news and cannot wait for our baby to come into our family.

38 Year Old Working Mom with Irregular Period

Melissa C, Two Successful Pregnancies with Dr. Nikki!

I am a PE teacher with stress so my periods are always unpredictable. In 7/2016, Dr. Nikki treated me for 3 months and my first pregnancy was in 10/2016.

In 2019, we wanted a second child and tried without success so I went back to Dr. Nikki in June for treatments again.  I am happy to report that in September, I am pregnant and will have TWO kids!  We are so lucky to have Dr. Nikki in New York!

Nurse Who Almost Gave Up

Junni H, 28 Years Old, Pregnant after 4 Months

Junni was a nurse and worked different shifts but still wanted to start a family with her husband in 2016.  Being a nurse, she visited several western medicine doctors who told her she had bad eggs and may never be able to conceive.

She heard about Dr. Nikki from her patients and decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After four months of intense acupuncture and herbal supplements, she found out she was pregnant on December 29, 2016 - a date forever marked in her calendar.