Restore Breast Health & Reduce Breast Fibroids 


This formula combats the development of breast cysts and generally supports breast health in women. Containing several active ingredients such as Notoginseng ,Dandelion and Fuling, BreaLax reduces fibrocystic breast disease by regulating hormonal cycles and restoring balance to the body. 


  1. Support general breast health 
  2. Relieve cystic breast pain 
  3. Regulate the body’s hormonal cycles 


In addition to dissolving breast cysts, BreaLax serves as a powerful agent to prevent breast cancer. Development of breast malignancy becomes increasingly common with age, beginning in women over the age of 40. Using preventative measures such as BreaLax will maintain your breast health and decrease your risk of developing malignant tumors or cysts.  

Botanical Highlights: 

Fuling (Poria Cocos)Used commonly in Chinese medicine to improve kidney function and reduce inflammation, poria mushrooms have strong anti-tumoral and anti-oxidant properties. It is used clinically to treat breast cancer growth and for cancer prevention. 

DandelionDandelion has been found to increase tumor necrosity (death) and induce estrogenic activity. Clinical studies hypothesize that dandelion may be an effective addition to hormonal therapy in post-menopausal women. 

Notoginseng: Notoginseng has been shown to reduce or block the development of tumors, prevent cancer cell propagation, and stimulate cell differentiation. In allopathic medicine, it is used alongside chemotherapy to improve patient outcomes, and generally, it is commonly used as a natural ingredient to promote general health and anti-aging.


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