• Affordable Naturalistic Pregnancy

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Affordable Naturalistic Pregnancy

Stop Repeat Miscarriages

IVF Pregnancy Rate 26% vs. 42.5%

Male Issues Treated

Set Baby Up for Healthy Lifetime

An affordable alternative to IVF +

Even proven to improve IVF and IUI results

Thinking about IVF?

Your Baby Hopes and Dreams Can Come True

"Too Old" to have a baby? 

Too many miscarriages?

IVF too expensive?

Improve IVF results?

Too few sperm?

We have modernized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that have been in use for thousands of years to help men and women realize their dreams of having healthy babies. 

These time-proven TCM treatments and natural herbal supplements are customized to strengthen the body to build a strong foundation needed to have a successful pregnancy, prevent miscarriages, and give birth to a healthy baby.

Even male issues with sperm and hormonal problems have been successfully treated.

Thousands of patients from newborns to 94 years old. Over 22 years in community service, with 3 offices and staff of 30 professionals.

the team behind BB Hopes

Naturalistic Pregnancy

We specialize in treating women with Previous Miscarriages.

Prevent miscarriages

Set up your body for a strong healthy foundation, and prepare for successful pregnancy.


Improve sperm quality and quantity, hormonal and other male issues.

Pregnancy starts here

Set up your baby for a life of good health and proper growth.

Baby set for life

After Birth - get back in shape and restore your health.

taking care of mom

HealthKey Products

Our Products

Your Baby Hopes and Dreams Can Come True

strengthen your body to build a strong foundation needed to have a successful pregnancy, prevent miscarriages, and give birth to a healthy baby.

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Dr Nikki Zhang

Combining her deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a passion for helping others, she has served thousands of patients in the tri-state community for more than 20 years. She specializes in women’s health and infertility, working with patients to provide quality natural reproductive enhancement and care.

BB Hopes Team

Successful Cases

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40 Years Old with Miscarriages

Thank you Dr. Nikki for helping me reach my dream TWICE!

I was told by other doctors to give up - being 40 years old with previous miscarriages.


My daughter the princess

We could not afford IVF.  Dr. Zhang set up a treatment plan that was much cheaper.

After three months, I got pregnant and now our home is full of laughter and joy.


Thank you from grateful Dad

I was told my sperm was not good enough for my wife's eggs!

Dr. Nikki boosted my sperm in a few months, and now I get to change diapers every day!


BB Hopes Customizes Treatment Plans

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